Paediatric Urology



Circumcision  – most children don’t need a circumcision but occasionally the foreskin becomes scarred and fissured. If the foreskin is scarred then in some circumstances a circumcision is required. This is a day case procedure and boys usually bounce back and recover quite quickly.
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Undescended testis   – Most testes are down in the base of the scrotum at birth. However if the testes are not down by 3-6 months a day case orchidopexy is required. Have it fixed by one of the experts in the field
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Inguinal hernias – A small groin lump can occur in children especially boys. This can be a hernia which requires a simple day case repair.

Hydrocoeles – All baby boys have a connection between their scrotum and their abdomen which allows their testes to descend. If this remains open fluid can collect in the scrotum making it swollen and blue.

Reflux surgery – Occasionally a child needs the valve between the bladder and the ureter rebuilt.

Cystoscopy –  Some children need a camera assessment on the inside of their bladder. Under an anaesthetic a small camera is popped into the bladder.
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Sting – A keyhole day case operation which can improve bladder reflux.

Pyleoplasty –  At the kidney there can be a small obstruction which causes a blockage (PUJ) in the drainage of urine. An operation called a Pyleoplasty can remove the blockage and relieve the pressure on the kidneys.

Bladder reconstruction – If the bladder is too small or the pressure is too high then a formal bladder reconstruction can be necessary. A long explanation detailed to each child is necessary prior to the operation.

Mitrofanoff procedure – Creating a new tube from the bladder to the tummy wall.

ACE – Creates a special channel which allows children with severe bowel issues to be clean and dry.

Other conditions treated are:

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Bed wetting
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VUR reflux
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Spina Bifida
Anorectal malformations